Difference between emplace_back and push_back in C++

Hi programmer’s, this is gonna be very short and simple explanation. In this article, I’m gonna explain you differences between push_back and emplace_back methods used inside vector container. Difference between emplace_back and push_back method in vector If you’re using c++ for a while, then you might have seen people using emplace_back to insert element at … Read more

Pointers and references in C++

Hi folks, today I’m going to explain conept of pointers and references in C++ in very simple terms. Pointers: Pointers variable are used to store address of another variable. And it needs to dereferenced with * operator in order to access the value stored at given location. We define pointers something like this: Declaration and … Read more

What is middleware in Node Js

Middleware is a function that is executed by the server before processing a client’s request. Middleware functions are often used to perform tasks such as authentication, logging, and serving static files. Middleware in Nodejs In Node.js, middleware functions are typically added to a server by calling the app.use() method on the Express application object. This … Read more

Arrays in C++

Arrays are made of compound data type or data structure and where elements are stored at contiguous location. which means you can access those elements using their indices. All elements in an array are of the same type. and also arrays are fixed in size, which means it can’t shrink and grow in their runtime. … Read more

Linked List Data Structure with Implementation(JavaScript)

Linked List in Javascript

Hi coders, In this article we’re going to see what Linked List is and how it works. And we’ll also see a basic implementation of it in JavaScript. Although logic is same, so you can apply it anywhere. As i already mentioned it in title that Linked List is a Data Structure but unlike an … Read more

Install WordPress website on DigitalOcean Using NGINX

Deploy wordpress on digital Oceanit

Hello reader, In this article I will show you how can install wordpress website DigitalOcean with help of NGINX server. So, basically DigtalOcean is a cloud hosting platform, where we will host our WordPress website with NGINX server. There are multiple reasons why you should choose Cloud hosting platform to host your wordpress and web … Read more

How to Install And Use VueX in VueJS 3 (GUIDE)

VueX in VueJS 3

Hello coders, In this article I’m going to show you that how you can install VueX and use it inside your VueJS 3.0 project. So, we’re going to install Vuex in latest version VueJS, which is Vue.JS 3.0. Before that, let’s discuss first what is VueX and Why you should use it. What is Vuex? … Read more

How to deploy Django Web App on Heroku Cloud (GUIDE)

Hey developers, you have a DJANGO project and want to deploy it somewhere on a cloud platform. So, that you can show it to someone easily. Today, I’m gonna show you how you can deploy your Django app to the Heroku cloud platform. Heroku is one of the most powerful and reliable cloud platforms. On … Read more

Add Custom CSS & BootStrap to your WordPress blog

Hey bloggers, welcome back with brand new article. Do you want to change the look of your website by adding your custom CSS properties. Then this article might be useful for you, because In this article, I’m gonna show you how to add CSS and Bootstrap to your WordPress blog. If you want to play … Read more