Top Programming Languages For App Development

Top 5 Language For App Development

Hi Coders, Today In this article we’re going to explore that What is an App Development and How many programming languages are there to develop an application. Basically In this article, I’m gonna give your brief explanation, that what kind of programming language you should choose for an app development.

Here, I’ll give an idea about app development for both the platform e.g: Android and iOS. This list will be based on the type of application that you want to develop. For An Example: If you want to develop an app that serves fast then language will be different. And other side, If you want to develop an app that should be an attractive then language will be different as well.

Top 5 Programming Languages Used For An Android Development:

Well There are bunch of different languages that you can used to develop an app. But here we will talk about only popular and easy ways.

By the end of this article, I’ll also give you source that how you can learn these Languages for App development.


Programming Languages Used For An App Development

This is the most popular and raw way to develop an Native Android app. Native App means application that coded into specific language. It’s very close to their OS, therefore Java gives you that power to develop your Native Android app.

Application developed under the JAVA is much faster as compare other language. So, If you want to develop an app, Which main priority should be there speed then It’s the best. And It’s also a more reliable as compare other language.

2. Kotlin

Kotlin For Android App Development

Kotlin is basically an alternative to develop an android app that comes with lot of different features. But If you want to develop an Android app in Kotlin, then first you have to learn some JAVA. Because Kotlin is directly derived from java. Therefore, sometimes you must have to use some Java Libraries. It’s more concise than Java, so that you need to write longer codes to develop any components.

3. Dart(Flutter):

Flutter for IOS and Android Development

Flutter is a Software development kit developed and designed by Google. Where you can build cross platform application by using Dart Programming Language. Basically, It gives you a power to develop an app that could be run into both platforms like Android, iOS.

Here, you don’t need to waste your time to write separate codes for both platform. Which helps you to save money and time both. Other features to develop an App into this platform is also about their interface. Here, You will get lot of inbuilt components– Display, Animation, Boxes, Transition, etc. In short, You can built beautiful android apps here that would be look attractive.

4. React Native(JavaScript):

Basically, It’s best for web developers to develop an Android App. React Native is an open source Framework that has been designed by Facebook Company. In this framework, You can built native application by using your web development skills. In React Native, you can build apps using JavaScript programming language , which is already most common among web developers.

Here, You could also built an attractive apps by using 3rd parties components. Application developed under this framework could be run into both Android as well as iOS.

5. Swift:

This is used to develop an iOS native applications. It’s been designed by an Apple Inc For iOS application. You can only develop iOS application by using this Swift programming Language.

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Where To Learn App Development?

well, There are various sources available on the internet, If you will be passionate about learning app development. We could categorize learning an App Development into two area as follow:

Offline Method(Institute)

You could choose this method to learn an app development, where you have to pay 500-600$ to take any course. That course will be offline visit like an institution.

Online Method:

As per my Opinion, this method to learn any language is far much better than Offline method. It’s the best method because here you don’t need to pay too much amount to learn any language. Because Programmings are lies under technological skills that you could learn even remotely If you really passionate about learning.

There are different online resources e.g YouTube, Udemy, Coursera, Blogs, Etc. But I will recommend you to buy an Online courses through Udemy. Because there you will get a structured syllabus to learn all basic and advance fundamentals of programming.

Learning An App development could be the best way to earn as A freelancer, even if you are a student.

I hope now you would have an idea that what programming languages best for app development. So, please don’t forget to share this with your friends. You can also subscribe our blog via email to get notified with future posts.

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How To Start A Blog For Free in 2020 (Full Guide)

How To Start A Blog For Free In 2020

How To Start A Blog For Free:

Hey Reader’s, Starting A Blog or personal website could be the best way to generate side income as well as Full Time. Because there are lots of bloggers, who earns more than 1000 $ A Month. So, As per my opinion Start a blog would be the best options for you, If you’re looking to earn money from online. Therefore, In this Guide Tutorial, I’m going to explain you that How To Start A Blog For Free.

Basically, There are two different ways to start a blog or website, first one is Paid And Second One is Free Method. But In this Guide, I’m going to explain you free method to Start A Blog in 2020. Because As beginner, I would like to recommend all of you guys to go with Free Method. Once you would get an experience then you could go with Paid method.

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Why You Should Start A Blog in 2020?

Before heading towards tutorial, I wanna let you know that Why one should start a free blog.

  • It’s give you power to share you knowledge with world.
  • You could earn and generate good amount of money with blogging.
  • It’s give you freedom of work.
  • It will improve your writing skills
  • You could make your own brand and business later on.
  • In Last, It’s give you an opportunities to enter into different field like E-Comm, Social Media influencer, Etc.

In short, You should definitely start a blog for free As a newbie blogger. Once you’ve got an experience then you can switch to paid method.

There are bunch of free platform to start free blog or website, But personally I like to recommend Blogger. Instead Of any other platform like Or

Why Blogger?

Blogger is google own product that allows you to create free blog or website. Later On, You could even insert Google Ads to Earn Money. In other side, you can’t insert ads on blog hosted on other platforms e.g: WordPress.Com and Wix.Com, Etc. Because Blogger is Product of Google, therefore It allows anyone to insert ads on blog hosted over blogger.

Now Let’s come to the topic and start our Full Guide of How to Start A Blog For Free. First of all, I would like to suggest you to follow up all steps practically along with reading.

Steps To Start A Blog On Blogger (Full Guide):

In this guide, I’m gonna give you full step by step explanation to start a free blog on Blogger.Com.

Note: In this Guide, I’m going to use new updated version of blogger platform. So, You need to change you blogger dashboard by clicking “Try New Blogger” Button, If you were using old blogger.

1. Sign Up Or Login Into Your Blogger Account:IMAGE _ 1 = Create A New Blog(Mobile Me)
How To Start and Create A Blog For Free

First Of All, Before creating your blog, You need to make an account over blogger platform. You can create your blogger account using “Google Account“. Follow Given steps to create your blogger account

  • Go To – Click Here
  • Then Sign In with your google Account, If you don’t have then create new one.
  • Once you’ve done then you need to enter name of writer that you want to display as an author.
How To Start A Blog For Free with
2. Create You New Blog:

Now You’ll see Blogger Dashboard, Here, you need to click on create new blog option that you would get on top-left corner.

How to start A Blog For Free

Now, You’ll get window to with popup to create your blog or website. Here, You will see 2-3 different fields that you need to fill up in order to create your blog.

Blog On Blogger in 2020
  1. Title: In this Field, You need to enter Name of your Blog that you want to keep and It will be displayed every where as a Title of your website.
  2. Address: It’s basically an url, where you site will be exist. which means whenever someone will enter this address in URL Bar then They will redirected to your website. Whatever Url you would select should be unique and available. Because we’re using free service, therefore you address will be attached with subdomain name ““. However you could change it, If you have you own custom url.
  3. Theme: In this Field, you will see different default themes provided by blogger, In which you need to select one of them. Later on, You could even install your custom themes via themes menu.

Once you would have fill up above form then you can Click On “Create Blog!” Button.

Now, You’re website is live. You can see it on your give web address e.g: “”:

Tutorial Of How To Start A Blog For Free

Now You’ve successfully created your blog for free on Blogger. Now It’s time to Create Your First Post On Blogger.

3. Create A New Post On Blog:

Lets Create and Write first post on our blog. Firstly, You need to open your blogger dashboard, then In Bottom – Right corner, You’ll see sign of ‘+’. Click on that + Sign.

How To Start A Blog For Free in 2020

Now, You’ll see Post Creation Dashboard of blogger like this:

How To Start A Blog For Free Full Guide

Now Let’s discuss each and every section of this post creation dashboard that you are seeing above in the image.

  1. Title: As Name suggest, It’a title of your blog post or article
  2. Editing Dashboard: It’s a section, where you will write content of your Post.
  3. Tool Bar: It’s an useful section that helps you to customize you blog post e.g Changing Font Size, Color, Style. It’s also helps you to add link, images, video etc inside your content.
  4. Labels: It’s kind of tag that helps to categorize your post. For an example: If you’ve written a blog about Smartphones then you can add labels like “Technology“,”Smartphone, Etc.
  5. Published On: It used to schedule your post or modify date and time of post.

There is also an option of “Permalink“, Which is used to define structure of an url that you want to keep for each and every posts.


There is two option inside this permalink label:

  • Automatic Permalink: In this Permalink, Post will automatically generate an url for your post on the basis of your post title.
  • Custom Permalink: In this option, You can create your custom url for your post whatever you want.

Now Finally Click on Top-right Arrow button to Publish your post.

BlogPost Publish
4. Blogger Sidebar Options:
Earn Money From Online

Now You’ve published your one post that you can see on your website. Now Let’s head to Sidebar option that you can see inside you main blogger dashboard. Here, we have various sidebar option e.g Stats, Comments, Earning, Pages, Layouts, Theme, Settings. So, Basically we’re going to discuss these options one by one.

1). STATS:

Blog Stats

In Stats section, You can see views that you’re getting on your post. You can filter your views by Last 7 Days, Today, Months Or Year. You can also see view of separate or individual posts.


How To Start A Blog For Free

In Comment section, You can manage all your comments related to each and every post. You can moderate, modify and delete your comments.


Blog Earnings

Earning Section: This section would be empty until you qualified for their monetization term and condition. Once you’ve completed their all T&C, then You can use Google Adsense to show ads on your free blog.

4). PAGES:

Page Creation in Blogger

In this Pages tab, You can create particular or specific pages e.g: About Page, Contact Page, etc. Post creation process will be same as Post creation.


Layout Customization

this is the layout section, where you an modify your current template structure. You can even add your script and html file. It’s also allow you to change your Icon and Favicon of your blog. There would be bunch of different option as per your installed theme and template


Blogger Themes

In this section, You can browse and apply all default themes given by Blogger. You could even install your custom theme via upload option. Here, You will also get an option to enter inside your Raw Html Source code of your blog. Where you could add and modify your snippets.


It’s the most important section of blogger. Here, You will get plenty of option that will effect your blog universally.

Blog Meta Description Settings
  • Title: Title of your blog.
  • Description: It’s a meta description of your blog that will be shown in Google search result.
  • Google Analytics Property ID: It’s used to track your website activity, views, keywords etc.
Https Redirection Blogspot
  • Custom Domain: Here, You can change your subdomain( to Custom domain( If you already have any custom domain.
  • HTTPS Redirect: When you enable this option, then blogger will redirect all users to https socket.

Apart From these above option, there are still various options left. But you can explore them by yourself. All the necessary steps, process and option that you need to Know, I’ve already discussed in above article. But If you still have any problem in starting a blog, then please let me know in comment box. I would try to give best answer of your queries.

Thank’s To Read.

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Python Django Website Deployment To Heroku (GUIDE)

Django Deployment To Heroku

Hello Coders, I hope you all have completed your first website project in Python Django Framework. Now, It’s time to deploy that website on server like Heroku. After Deployment, you any one can easily see your Django website online live.

Django Deployment To Heroku

Deploying A Django website on Heroku server is much easier as compare any other platform. All you need to just pay some attention before deploying your website. Therefore, In this article I’m gonna give Full Guide from scratch that How To Deploy Your Django website Freely on Heroku Server.

So, Please read full article carefully and don’t miss any steps. Because If you will miss any steps then you might have to face some issue in deployment. Let’s start our Heroku deployment tutorial…

Steps To Deploy Django Website On Heroku:

Basically, I’ve divided entire deployment process into 2 different phases. The first phase going to take place “Before Deployment” and Second Phase will be about “Deployment Process“.

Before Deployment Process:

Let’s see that what we need to configure and manage before deploying our website to heroku server.

1). First Create a File called “Procfile” without an extension inside your Root directory of your project and then write inside following context inside your file

web: gunicorn root_folder.wsgi

Don’t Forger to change here “root_folder” with your Project name and then just save it.

Deployment Of Django Website

2). If you have any css or static file then don’t forget to mention and add that into file. So, that It could be recognize by your Main app.

In “”, Add:
STATIC_ROOT = os.path.join(BASE_DIR,’static’)
Or (If any Errors), Then Add:
STATICFILES_DIRS = [ os.path.join(BASE_DIR,’static’) ]

3). Now Inside your terminal of main root directory of project type following command:

“python collectstatic”

Django To Heroku Deploy

4). Now You need to enter following command inside your terminal to add requirements file.

“pip freeze > requirements.txt”

Now Once you have done all above steps, then let’s move to second phase of our deployment process.

Second Phase: Deploying Process On Heroku

Now Before heading towards steps of Deployment Django to Heroku, First you need to install two packages called “whitenoise” and “gunicorn“. You can install both packages using command:

“pip install whitenoise”
“pip install gunicorn”

Now, Let’s head towards our deployment steps of django website to heroku:

1). In “” file, Add In MIDDLEWARE section at second position:

Heroku Middleware

2). Now You Need To SignUp and Create an Account on Heroku.

3). Once you have registered then sign in an Create APP e.g:

Heroku Create Django app

4). Now In File add “” inside ALLOWED_HOSTS

Allowed Host in Django Website

5). Now In terminal of Project Root Directory type following command.

“heroku login”

Deploying Free On Heroku

6. Once you’ve logged in then type following commands one by one.

>>git init
>>git add .
>>heroku git:remote -a appname
>>git commit -m “first commit”
>>git push heroku master

Once you’ve completed all above process then you would get message on terminal something like this:

Deploy Free Django Website To Live

7. Congratulation, Now Your Django Website is Live

Website Built With Python Djnago

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If you would like to make changes then you can easily do that through given commands:

Make Sure You Made all change before applying following commands.

>>git add .
>>git commit -m “commit”
[Make sure change git befor push]
>>”git push heroku master” or “git push -u origin master”

So, I hope you all would like this article. If yes then please don’t forget to share this article with your friends. You can also follow our blog via email to get future updates regarding career development and programming.

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7 Steps To Improve Your Coding Skills As A Beginner Programmer

Programmer Tips

Tips To Enhance Programming Skills:

Coders, Welcome back with brand new article. Do You Want to be a programmer and either you want to improve your Coding Skills, In both the cases you’re at right place. I’ve read at somewhere that Any normal people can write a Code that Machines understand. But Only A Good Programmer has an ability to write a code that even a normal person can easily understand.

Basically, I’m here to tell you that how you could improve you coding skills by just adding some of the tips in your dictionary. In this Article, I’m going to point out and describe all those aspects that would help you to take your coding skills up to next level. Before Starting this let me give you an inspirational and valuable Quote.

Basically, A Programmer is that Guy Who are be able to turn down their imaginations into the reality through their Coding Skills


Methods To Improve Your Coding Skills:

There are some useful tips to Improve Your Coding Skills As a Beginner Programmer:

  1. Practice Coding On Daily Basis

    In simple and short word, It’s a disciple of consistency. Which means you don’t need to learn all the concepts and skills in one day, instead of that just bring some consistency inside your learning process. You need to practice coding on daily basis. You can’t postpone your Coding time frame by just saying I’ll do it tomorrow. You have to make a schedule where you actually put you time into practicing coding.

    As a beginner, You should put atleast 6-7 hours A day to learn coding. Please never try to learn it as task, try to learn it as a Fun. Because Programming is more like a Creative Art than a Science. tips and guide to improve coding skills

  2. Masters Basic Fundamentals And Concepts

    Before moving forward into programming, you must keep your basic and fundamentals concepts clear and strong. You have to master all those basic fundamentals, If you really want to be a good programmer. As a beginner, You need to focus on basics e.g: variable, string, array, list, functions etc.

  3. Follow up Online Tutorials

    Yes, You should follow atleast one online tutorial as a beginner to improve your coding. It could be in any form e.g: YouTube Videos, Websites Or Online Paid Courses etc. But personally, I would like to recommend you to go with Online Paid Tutorial from Udemy. Because that paid course would be about 30 – 80 hours Structured course. You can also go with YouTube Tutorials but that doesn’t structured properly. therefore, you need to find each and every concepts one by one that would take a lot of time.

    In Online paid, You will learn all those minor and basic concepts under one course. You will also learn that how to write good and clean code. So, spending money to buy paid courses on Online Platform will be worth it. Please, Don’t Forget to check Rating and Enrollments before buying course

  4. Work On Personal/Live Projects

    Once you have had some basics concepts of any Languages, then just start working on some projects. If you don’t have any live projects then find and work on personal projects. You don’t need to actually finished it as final product. But when you would building some projects then you’ll get to learn lot of different things e.g: framework and projects that contain several different things

    For Example: When I started learning Python Programming, then right after completing my basic concepts I started working on small projects. I wanted to get into the Web Development, therefore I chosen Django Framework For web development in Python. Throughout that whole building process of that project, I learned different smalls things e.g: API, Models, Class And Function.

    So, It’s good to work on some projects even you won’t able to finish them.

  5. Use Sites Like StackOverFlow And GitHub

    I will highly recommend you to use forums and websites like GitHub And StackOverFlow. These are the websites specially for the programmers and dedicated developers. It would also help you to fix error of your programs. Because whatever error you would be get in your program, You can find it here. There is strong possibilities that same problem would have solved by other programmers.

    So, I think it will be best platforms for all kind of programmers, that will help you to take your coding skills up to next level.

  6. Learn DS And Algorithm

    I’ve seen that lot of newbie and even experienced programmers tries to skip this part. So, Let me tell you that Why learning Data Structures and Algorithms could be helpful in different scenario. Basically lot of working programmer doesn’t consider it as necessary, But It’s not that true. Instead, It will enhance and improve your coding skills. Let me explain it through an example:

    Let’s Assume you’re searching for roll no. of a student in 10000 pages of PDF file. If you would start your searching sequentially then it will take lot of time.
    Let’s Find Other way to solve same problem:
    a). Go to Page No 5000 and Find Your Roll No.
    if it’s not here then look at all the roll no. of page no. 5000, is it greater than yours or less than.
    b). If your roll no. were greater than above then now check into 7500 page.
    c). If It’s less than your roll no. then check on page no. 2500.
    d). Follow the process again and again and you will get your answer within a second.

  7. Follow Up Coding Ethics

    It’s an optional but as per my opinion It should be mandatory. Because Coding Ethics means to follow all those rules that help someone’s to write good, clean and efficient code. I’ve read it somewhere that “Any fool can write code that machine can understand, But only good programmers write code that even human can understand.

    So, Learn to write clean code with full explanations. Some Tips to Good And Clean Code are:
    a). Write code with proper indentation.
    b). Don’t forget to Comment your important codes that will help you in documentation.
    c). Use proper word to initialize variable e.g Use first_name = “Hulas” instead of Using fn = “Hulas”

There are lot of different thing that we haven’t discussed in this article. But Still First try to follow up all those steps that I’ve defined above. Because atleast you would be able to bring all instruction inside your routine. Then Believe me you’ll be learn programming faster as compare to others.

If you want stay updated with such kind of Career, Programming And Development articles, then please don’t forget to subscribe our blog via email.

Thank’s To Read Article.

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