7 Steps To Improve Your Coding Skills As A Beginner Programmer

Tips To Enhance Programming Skills:

Coders, Welcome back with brand new article. Do You Want to be a programmer and either you want to improve your Coding Skills, In both the cases you’re at right place. I’ve read at somewhere that Any normal people can write a Code that Machines understand. But Only A Good Programmer has an ability to write a code that even a normal person can easily understand.

Basically, I’m here to tell you that how you could improve you coding skills by just adding some of the tips in your dictionary. In this Article, I’m going to point out and describe all those aspects that would help you to take your coding skills up to next level. Before Starting this let me give you an inspirational and valuable Quote.

Basically, A Programmer is that Guy Who are be able to turn down their imaginations into the reality through their Coding Skills


Methods To Improve Your Coding Skills:

There are some useful tips to Improve Your Coding Skills As a Beginner Programmer:

  1. Practice Coding On Daily Basis

    In simple and short word, It’s a disciple of consistency. Which means you don’t need to learn all the concepts and skills in one day, instead of that just bring some consistency inside your learning process. You need to practice coding on daily basis. You can’t postpone your Coding time frame by just saying I’ll do it tomorrow. You have to make a schedule where you actually put you time into practicing coding.

    As a beginner, You should put atleast 6-7 hours A day to learn coding. Please never try to learn it as task, try to learn it as a Fun. Because Programming is more like a Creative Art than a Science. tips and guide to improve coding skills

  2. Masters Basic Fundamentals And Concepts

    Before moving forward into programming, you must keep your basic and fundamentals concepts clear and strong. You have to master all those basic fundamentals, If you really want to be a good programmer. As a beginner, You need to focus on basics e.g: variable, string, array, list, functions etc.

  3. Follow up Online Tutorials

    Yes, You should follow atleast one online tutorial as a beginner to improve your coding. It could be in any form e.g: YouTube Videos, Websites Or Online Paid Courses etc. But personally, I would like to recommend you to go with Online Paid Tutorial from Udemy. Because that paid course would be about 30 – 80 hours Structured course. You can also go with YouTube Tutorials but that doesn’t structured properly. therefore, you need to find each and every concepts one by one that would take a lot of time.

    In Online paid, You will learn all those minor and basic concepts under one course. You will also learn that how to write good and clean code. So, spending money to buy paid courses on Online Platform will be worth it. Please, Don’t Forget to check Rating and Enrollments before buying course

  4. Work On Personal/Live Projects

    Once you have had some basics concepts of any Languages, then just start working on some projects. If you don’t have any live projects then find and work on personal projects. You don’t need to actually finished it as final product. But when you would building some projects then you’ll get to learn lot of different things e.g: framework and projects that contain several different things

    For Example: When I started learning Python Programming, then right after completing my basic concepts I started working on small projects. I wanted to get into the Web Development, therefore I chosen Django Framework For web development in Python. Throughout that whole building process of that project, I learned different smalls things e.g: API, Models, Class And Function.

    So, It’s good to work on some projects even you won’t able to finish them.

  5. Use Sites Like StackOverFlow And GitHub

    I will highly recommend you to use forums and websites like GitHub And StackOverFlow. These are the websites specially for the programmers and dedicated developers. It would also help you to fix error of your programs. Because whatever error you would be get in your program, You can find it here. There is strong possibilities that same problem would have solved by other programmers.

    So, I think it will be best platforms for all kind of programmers, that will help you to take your coding skills up to next level.

  6. Learn DS And Algorithm

    I’ve seen that lot of newbie and even experienced programmers tries to skip this part. So, Let me tell you that Why learning Data Structures and Algorithms could be helpful in different scenario. Basically lot of working programmer doesn’t consider it as necessary, But It’s not that true. Instead, It will enhance and improve your coding skills. Let me explain it through an example:

    Let’s Assume you’re searching for roll no. of a student in 10000 pages of PDF file. If you would start your searching sequentially then it will take lot of time.
    Let’s Find Other way to solve same problem:
    a). Go to Page No 5000 and Find Your Roll No.
    if it’s not here then look at all the roll no. of page no. 5000, is it greater than yours or less than.
    b). If your roll no. were greater than above then now check into 7500 page.
    c). If It’s less than your roll no. then check on page no. 2500.
    d). Follow the process again and again and you will get your answer within a second.

  7. Follow Up Coding Ethics

    It’s an optional but as per my opinion It should be mandatory. Because Coding Ethics means to follow all those rules that help someone’s to write good, clean and efficient code. I’ve read it somewhere that “Any fool can write code that machine can understand, But only good programmers write code that even human can understand.

    So, Learn to write clean code with full explanations. Some Tips to Good And Clean Code are:
    a). Write code with proper indentation.
    b). Don’t forget to Comment your important codes that will help you in documentation.
    c). Use proper word to initialize variable e.g Use first_name = “Hulas” instead of Using fn = “Hulas”

There are lot of different thing that we haven’t discussed in this article. But Still First try to follow up all those steps that I’ve defined above. Because atleast you would be able to bring all instruction inside your routine. Then Believe me you’ll be learn programming faster as compare to others.

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Thank’s To Read Article.

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