Python – The Best Programming Language For Beginner in 2020, Why?

What is Python?

Python is basically a High-Level, Interpreted, General-Purpose, Object Oriented Language that is used in almost every kind of field. According to Stats, Python has been gaining high popularity as compare any other programming language. There are lots of popular website that uses Python as their main language e.g. Instagram, DropBox, Spotify, NetFlix Etc. In AI And Machine Learning, Python has been used as a Core Language. Currently, Python Language is being used by Lots of Startup’s and Companies.

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Why Python?

The main question that would be comes in your mind that Why I should Choose this as My First Programming Language.

Python is the Best Programming Languages For Beginners
Python – Most Popular Programming Language in 2020

Therefore, In this Article, I’m going to give You 3 Main reasons that Why It would be the Best Language for you As a Beginner.

1. Easy Syntax

Python has an Easy Syntax as compare any other programming languages out there, which means you don’t have to write complex codes to print something simple. This Features makes this language easier and understandable. If you want to print something then you will be write your code in Syntax, which is much easier like writing English Sentence.

For An Example: Let’s Assume, You Want to Print “Hello World” on the Terminal by writing fewer lines of codes. Let’s see How You can print “Hello World” by different types of Programming Language…

1. JavaScript:

2. JAVA:

3. C#


So, You can see above that How much simple it’s to write Hello World in Python as compare to other languages. Here, You don’t need to remember any kind of ; in your program.

2. Cross Platform And Simplicity:

Python is a cross platform language, Which means once you write you code in One Operating System e.g Windows, then You can also run same program on different platforms like MacOS, Linux Etc.

As compare other programming language like C, Java Etc. Here, You don’t need to worry about memory management e.g. Here, You don’t need to define integers, strings or other datatypes before using them. Python do this task by itself.

3. Huge Community Support:

What It means?, As a Beginner, Initially, You would face some problems and Errors while programming. In such case, It’s huge Community Support would be help you to fix that Error. Because Whatever kind of error you would get that was already countered and solved by someone else. Because Python is one of the oldest programming language out there.

Let me introduce you that what can you Actually Do with Python, So, that you can take the decision that It would be better for You Or Not.

There are various kind of Job in which you can Entered through Python Language e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, Machine Learning, Data Analyst, Etc.

Why Python?

Let’s explore that What you can do with Your Python Language, Where and What You can build with this Python Language.

Python has thousands of modules and Packages that makes it efficient as compare any other languages. There are some fields and area, where you can use this Python Language.

1. Web Development

Yes Obviously, You can develop dynamic and secured website by using Python. There are two most popular Frameworks that comes in use while you will develop website with this language. These frameworks are Django and Flask, Both of them are written in Python Language. You can build most beautiful and powerful website with help of Python.

Do you Know: Instagram has developed by using Python Language. There are also different types of popular website that uses Python as their Core Language e.g. DropBox, NetFlix, Spotify.

2. Data Mining:

Data Mining is a basically a Web Scrapping, In which you can extract useful and important data from other website. There is a Python’s module called BeautifulSoup, Which you to extract data from website and you can store them into an Excel, Etc file.

3. Automation:

Doing same thing again and again, Isn’t it Boring task?, Here, You can automate those task that you uses on regular basis by using Python. You just need write down fewer lines of Script and then It’s Boom. Now, you It will do all the tasks as per your instruction.

Example: Let’s Assume, You want to order something from But you don’t want to waste your time to explore and find food from best restaurant and at cheap price. In such case you can automate things by using this Language. After writing few lines of codes, You can automate things. After then Your Program will automatically find out all those best rated Restaurant list who provides foods at cheaper price.

4. AI And Machine Learning:

This is one of the more and core field of Python. AI is our Future, Have you watched Iron Man Movie?. If yes then You must have heard about Jarvis AI. An AI assistant who find out and reply the best answer to you.

In real world, you can take example of Google Assistant and Alexa. You can build an AI by using Python and You can also use it in Machine Learning.

There are different kinds of module available in this Language that help to build an AI e.g. PyTorch, Pandas, Scikit-learn Etc. If you would tell me to describe this field in One Word, My answer will be “FUTURE“.

Apart From it, There are also different kind of fields like Game Development, Data Analysis, Ethical Hacking Etc.

It is best for those who wants to build their imagination into the reality.

I think above explanation would be enough to make decision that “Why Should I Choose Python As My First Programming Language?”.

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