WordPress Page Speed Optimization Website(90+ GTMetrix)

Hey bloggers, are you worried about speed of your WordPress website or blog and wants to boost page speed of your wordpress website. Then you’re at a right place, because In this article, I’m going to share with you some best tips and tricks. These tips and tricks will help you to enhance page speed of you WordPress blog.

Whatever tips and tricks I’m going to share with you are personally applied on my own blog. After the implementing all these given suggestion, your page speed score will be more than 90+ on GtMetrix. So, If you want to enhance load time of your WordPress blog then please stick with the article till the end.

Why Good Page Speed in WordPress Matter?

There are some advantages of having fast loading website:

  • SEO(Ranking): Due to huge competition, Google always try push those blog, which has good page speed and load fast.
  • Lower Bounce Rate: When you website loads fast then bounce rate automatically reduces. It leaves good impression towards google ranking.

There are a lot of different aspects where having good page speed will be beneficial for you.

GUIDE To Boost Page Speed Of WordPress Blog:

There are some plugins and tips that I’m going to share with you. So, If you want to boost pagespeed of your blog then read this article till the.

First, let’s start with the Top WordPress plugin which will help you to boost the page speed of your website.

WordPress Plugin To Optimize WordPress Speed

There are various plugins available for WordPress that will help you to optimize the performance of your website. But I’m going to share top 3 WordPress plugins that I personally use to optimize the speed of my WordPress blog.

1. a3 Lazy Load:

It’s one of the best plugins that I’ve ever seen. Because It will help and improve your page speed with lazy loading technique. whenever a user will be visits your website, then a3 lazy load plugin stops all images from being load. It only loads relevant and currently viewable images of your website. Instead of loading all the images of your WordPress blog at one time, It will load images only then when users will scroll it down.

Click Here(Download)

2. WP Fastest Cache:

Another main reason behind the slow page speed of your blog is their JS and CSS files. Because, by default, these files are not compressed and minified. Here, WP Fastest cache will help you to minify and compress your HTML, CSS, and JS files.

You can also enable browser caching option of this plugin, which will reduce page load time for repeated visitors by using the caching method.

In this given image, I’ve shown what settings I made in it:

WordPress Seo: Page Speed Optimization

Click Here(Download)

3. Page Speed Ninja:

It’s almost similar to WP Fastest cache except It has one important additional feature called leverage browser caching option. But I’ll recommend you not to use it If you’re not getting any warning related to this leverage browser caching in your GTMetrix report.

Important: Minify JS might break some exteranl JS Scripts features, If you're already using... Once you've applied minify JS option, then please check functionality of your website.

According to me, these 3 basic plugins would be enough for your WordPress website. Because I’ve been using these plugins for the last 6 months and It works fine for me.

Click Here(Download)

But there is also a plugin called Assets CleanUp, which is used to remove those plugins, which has not any use in homepages while someones visit your website.

WordPress Themes To Optimize Page Speed

let’s move to another main factor, which is themes. Because when you’re using optimized and fast themes then you don’t need to focus too much on optimization side.

There are two best themes that I would like to recommend to you:

1. ASTRA WP – WordPress theme

At the time of writing this post, I’m using this ASTRA WP theme. It’s a well-optimized and fast loading theme and there are also different types of customization options to enhance UI.

Click Here(Download)

2. GeneratePress – WordPress theme

It’s one of the best lightweight and fast loading themes. It’s one of those themes, which totally focused on their speed optimization. It has currently more than 300K+ active installations with more than 4.7 Ratings. You can also adopt this theme.

Click Here(Download)

WordPress IMAGE Optimization Techniques:

Now, Let’s talk about Image Optimization techniques. Because I think this one of the important factors that directly affect the page speed of your WordPress website. I’ve seen lot of peoples are using more than 200kb+ size logo images. Which is not necessary at all, I think so.

Even though newbie bloggers are just downloaded the stock photos from stock websites like pixels, etc. Then they directly upload them on their website. we know that the size of stock photos is almost about 500Kb+ because of their larger pixels. We don’t need that much larger size of images to display on our blog. That’s why we will compress our images and will reduce its size by 50-80%.

Let me tell you one thing that there is an also inbuilt function inside the WordPress website that we can use to resize it. But I’ve been using separate software for all image optimization. because In the software, I’ve lots of different options that efficiently optimize my images as per my need.

I’ve Image Optimization application for both the platforms Windows and Android.

Mass Image Compressor(For Windows)

It’s the image compressor software for windows that I’ve been using for months. In this software, You need to select the folder, where you’ve stored your all images that you want to compress. After then, just customize the setting according to your need and then click on the compress all button. It will compress all the images within that folder.

Click Here(Download)

Here is a screenshot of the software, When I was compressing my images.

WordPress Seo: Image Compressing 90+ GTMetrix Speed

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Image Compressor(For Android)

It’s the lightweight and perfect application that you can use to compress your images directly through your android smartphones. You just need to select the images that you want to compress and then select the size and format of your images. you can also change the extension(format) of your images with this application.

Click Here(Download)

Compress Images With Android Smpartphones: WordPress page speed optimize

Now go and analyze again your website in GTMetrix. Now you will see your page speed score would be at least 80+. So, I hope you all will like this article related to WordPress Seo.

Thank’s To Read…

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