How to watch mutations in VueJS – Issue

Problem statement could be:

  • How to watch mutations in VueJS [vue 2]
  • How to know if a mutation is commited?
  • How to know if a state data has been changed?

Hello folks, so there is one simple way to know if any mutation has been committed across the Vue component. and that is $store.subscribe` function. Like with help of this you can subscribe mutations and after that, you can filter this out using mutation type[usually the name of mutation]

So, let’s suppose, In component 1, I’m firing a mutation called INCREMENT_NUMBER on @click. Which will increase our count data in state by 1.

But I want to know if this mutation gets committed inside component 2. So, here all I need to do is just define subscribe function inside mounted or created hook. And this will watch our mutation.

     this.$store.subscribe(mutation => {
           if(mutation.type == 'INCREMENT_NUMBER'){
                console.log('You got an increment by 1')

Now what will happen, It will record all of your mutations and you will be able to filter them out by their name as I did above. You can also use this method or trick to watch if state data gets changed.

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